What is Mendix?

A development platform for creating business process supporting solutions.
Mendix has been part of SIEMENS since 2018.

Mendix development

Up to 7x faster development

Visual data model based development
Easy web-based development environment and IDE for developers
Management of development-related communication
Fast deployment and iteration
Works on any device (including as a native mobile application)
Built-in quality control
Ready-made modules and interfaces (e.g. Slack, SAP)
Easy integration with APIs

Leader in Low-Code Development Platforms

Low-code is an easier and faster way to develop software.

The low-code effect stems from the fact that a significant portion of the software can be created by simply moving various elements with a mouse, without the need to write any lines of code.

The results can be immediately viewed on your smartphone or computer.

Mendix has been chosen by research firm Gartner as a top performer in the field in 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023.


Are programmers not needed?

It depends on the type of applications being created.

If it is possible to create an application within a company to support a specific business process that is not related to any other information systems, then such an application could be created independently by a "smarter business side".

However, in most cases, applications are integrated with existing software, their access rights are centrally managed, and so on – which is why software developers are still needed.

66% of Mendix development platform users are software developers. The benefit is derived from the fact that the entire supported business process, business rules, related data, integrations, and user interface are all managed from one place, resulting in up to 7 times faster development.


What applications is Mendix best for?

Business processes
Applications supporting business processes
Solutions that enable the digitalization of processes and are integrated with one or more existing systems.
Internal applications
Departmental internal applications
Simple internal applications built quickly to support a specific function.
Critical lock
Mission-critical applications
Applications that directly enable the company's business operations, such as order management systems, production planning systems, etc.
Highly available information systems
Services based on integrations (APIs, microservices) with very high availability and security requirements.
B2B portal
B2B portals
Self-service channels for business clients or suppliers. Applications that are connected to various internal systems (CRM, ERP).
B2C portal
B2C portals
Customer portals that support the entire business process from onboarding and billing to feedback management.

Siemens Mendix partner in Baltics

Mendix is a low-code development platform for creating solutions supporting business process.

Processa Technologies is Siemens Mendix certified partner since 2021.


What's next?

1. We develop
Our Mendix-certified developers create the first application.Typically, this is a Proof-of-Concept (PoC) that allows the business side to obtain a quick solution and demonstrate the Mendix effect to IT.
2. We develop together
We show you how it's done and train your analysts and developers to use Mendix. Subsequent development can be done by your in-house team.
3. You develop on your own
You try to get started on your own.
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